Do you believe in magic? (Perception)

What is magic?


I think magic is an illusion. You may think it is real, but in truth it’s not. Magic is a form of entertainment.

The picture on the left provides great definitions about what magic is. I agree with each of these points.

Everyone has different opinions when it comes to magic. Some people believe in magic, others don’t. I believe in magic and that magic is everything around us. It can be found in almost every aspect of our lives. Magic is our imagination. 

For example, Disneyland is one place where our dreams come true. When I first went to Disneyland it was like I just stepped into a whole new world. It is basically everything you ever wanted. My first impression was that everything was so magical. It felt as if it was a dream. Disneyland is one of the fewest places where your dreams can come true. Especially for little kids, Disneyland is everything they ever hoped for. Thank you, Walt, for making Disneyland a great place to visit.

There are so many different types of magic that can be performed. Stage magicians tend to be mystical. However, street magicians just want to fool you by showing you a trick instead of magic. One of the tricks they may show you are card tricks. In my opinion, the biggest difference between stage magicians and street magicians is that stage magicians have money and equipment. This is why stage magicians can make magic seem real. Both street and stage magic acts are difficult to perform.

One of the most popular types of magic is movie magic. Movie magic is shown on the big screen. Visual effects help to make movie magic look real. Our technology has improved so much that magic shown in movies makes us believe that it’s real.

Harry Potter Series


I have watched all of the Harry Potter movies and I adore them all. In the Harry Potter series, visual effects are used throughout all of the movies. In these movies, you can fly on a dragon, talk to a werewolf, and even talk to a talking hat. The director uses movie magic to bring his story into life.

Harry Potter is the most popular and important character throughout the series. Harry Potter is known for his magical abilities. It is because of his magical abilities he is able to defend and protect himself and his friends against his enemies.

Magic appeals to everyone. Some people believe in it without putting much thought into it. Movies like Harry Potter can make you believe that anything is possible. Every story and movie will eventually come to an end, but this doesn’t mean you should stop believing.

Now you see me


I saw the movie Now You See Me and I loved it. I am a big fan of magic so watching this movie was great.

From this movie, two important lessons to take into consideration is that magic shouldn’t be used to trick people for their money and the second is that it’s okay to believe in magic. The closer you look and find the meaning of this movie, you will only then understand what I’m trying to tell you.

I think selling tickets for a magic show is justified, but tricking people for their money isn’t. If people start tricking more and more people, people will stop believing in magic and we don’t want this to happen.

So, the question you guys are probably asking is that, “How do you trick people with magic?” You could trick people by making them believe that you have supernatural powers, which you actually don’t. Such people include astrologists and tarot card readers. These people make so much money, by telling lies and showing people what they want to see. If your interested and want to know more read the book, “How To Think About Weird Things,” by Theodore Schick and Lewis Vaughn.

What would our lives be like without magical thinking?

I think our lives would be boring without magical thinking. We will start to behave and act differently in a way. Magical thinking provides control in our lives. It provides us with a sense of happiness. Magical thinking helps to broaden our views and thinking. It helps to provide us a world apart from our own. Without magical thinking, we will start to act more rationally and we will stop being imaginative. Also, we will stop writing or thinking creatively. This will have a huge impact on kids since they tend to live in a fantasy world of dinosaurs, flying brooms, and even talking animals. We will be taking away their favorite past-time stories which usually involves magical characters. Even most of the shows that kids watch tends to be magical. For example, the show The Magic School Bus.

Do Hindus believe in magic?

Hindus believe in black magic.

What is black magic?

Black magic deals with supernatural practices that can cause something negative like death. The color black in Hinduism means dark so, therefore, black magic means dark magic. Black magic is the use of mantras that could bring misfortune to someone’s life. There are some mantras that have good effects and some mantras that have bad effects. Black magic is practiced all around the world, not only in India. Hindus believe in the aura, which means our surroundings. Hindus believe that the aura can be affected by negative forces. Black magic could affect someone both physically and mentally. Not only does black magic harm you, but also it could also help cure diseases.

Ways to deal with Black Magic?

Hinduism has many traditional practices that can protect us from the evils of black magic. Hindus believe that religion figures like Bhajans will help against black magic. The strongest weapon against black magic is having trust on God. God will make everything go away. If you are a  bad person and did something wrong, whatever is happening to you is meant to happen. This is what you call karma. Karma will always haunt you.




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