My Take A Stand: Why should we stop using Facebook?

I choose Facebook as my topic since it is a popular social networking site that billions of people use worldwide. I personally have a Facebook account, but there have been times when I started to question whether or not I should stop using Facebook. I joined Facebook in 2009, roughly six years ago. On average, I’d spend one hour on Facebook every day. However, now Facebook has started to become a big annoyance for me. I feel this way because privacy is a big concern for me. Now a day, even your parents and grandparents have a Facebook. It can become awkward since your personal life is out in the open, for anyone to access. The only way to make sure certain people can’t access your profile is to block them or you will have to change your name so it doesn’t appear as your real one. So, I would say that it’s better to quit Facebook. To be honest, I think I only care about 30 out of my 500 friends I have added. When I first joined Facebook, I wondered how someone could have so many friends. Then I began to realize that it’s all about competition and how many friends someone had added.

Like any controversial phenomenon, Facebook has it advantages and disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Facebook

Facebook is a distraction so stop using it !!!

Facebook is a distraction, so stop using it!!!

To begin with, Facebook consumes too much time and affects a human’s physical and mental health negatively. Furthermore, Facebook consumes time, which can be spent on education. Also, the privacy concern is huge when it come to using Facebook. People could go on to your account and see your pictures, some of which may not be appropriate. What really annoys me is that people pretend to be someone they aren’t. Another big concern for me is having constant friend requests. I’m always getting friend requests from strangers who I don’t even know. This really irritates me and makes me uncomfortable. These all of the reasons why I am personally against Facebook.

Advantages of Facebook

True, but not so true. Don't forget about Facebook's disadvantages !!

True, but not so true. Don’t forget about Facebook’s disadvantages!!

The number one advantage of using Facebook is that it allows you connect to different people from anywhere in the world. Some might also say that Facebook is a great way for finding old friends and keeping friendships alive. Also, if you’re in business this site will help you to advertise. For example, fan pages can prove to be helpful for a successful marketing campaign. Also, Facebook allows you to share your achievements so that you can get some appreciation.

Psychology and Sociology Disciplines

One of the disciplines that Facebook best connects to is Psychology. Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions. Facebook can influence our self-esteem because it gives us the opportunity to control the way we present ourselves. It can influence the way other people perceive us as well.

Sociology is a discipline that best connects to Facebook by the term weak ties. Weak ties are people we know casually. For example, most of our friends we tend to know casually. Also, Facebook could be described as a social hierarchy. It is all about popularity. It is a matter of popularity because the more friends the Facebook user has, the more he or she stands out.


As you can see I’m against the use of Facebook because it is distracting, invasive of privacy, and it can cause serious damage to your mental and physical health. It is best to avoid using Facebook, even though there are many advantages of using it. However, some of the advantages may include that it is easier to stay in touch with family and friends.


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