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12 Men Describe What Their “Dream Girl” Is Like (Visual Thinking)

I found this article to be an interesting read. From reading this article, I got to know more what qualities men are looking in their idea woman. I found some of the guys responses to be cute, and some to be not so cute. Everyone has different desires. Right? I hope they find their dream girl one day. Read below if you want to know what the 12 men had to say.

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1) Doug, 26

Doug is looking for someone who loves to listen to music and to have fun. He is looking for someone who could be outgoing. Doug cares less about how she should look and this is why I like his response.

2) Sean, 32

Sean says, “His dream girl doesn’t live on this planet.” I don’t agree with him. I believe that we are all meant to be with someone. When the right time comes, you will find that special person who you will marry. Think positive Sean, not negative. You will find someone when its the right time. Be patient!

3) Kevin, 36

He wants his dream girl not only to be very attractive, but to be funny. he wants someone who could always make him laugh. Also, he wants his ideal woman to be athletic.

4) Michael, 36 

Michael says, “When I see my dream girl I envision sunshine. Opening my eyes in the morning and seeing a radiant smile. I see a supportive best friend and someone I can rely on and be present for as well.” I found Michael’s response to be really cute and honest. What I think is that when you find that one special person, you will instantly know that she is the one that you want to spend your entire life with.

5) Joe, 30 

He wants his dream girl to change his life. He wants his ideal woman to bring sunshine into his life. He wants her to take him to a new romantic world. I love Joe’s response. Aldo, he wants his idea woman to have great values. He wants his ideal woman to have a great and loving family who is willing to accept him that way he is.

6) Gil, 40 

Gil says supporting one another during good and bad times should be important. His role model couple is his parents.

7) John, 25 

He wants his dream girl to accept him the way he is. He looking for a woman who has a great and a loving personality. he also says complimenting one another always should be important.

8) Kyle, 24 

Kyle wants a smart girl with a college education. He wants his idea woman to appreciate and love him the way he is. He also likes it when girls wear makeup.

9) Matt, 25 

Matt says, “My “dream girl” is not a girl at all. She is a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to approach a man that she finds attractive. Her confidence is clearly evident without being overly cocky.” I don’t like Matt’s response at all. I think he has high expectations.

10) John, 39 

John says he wants his dream girl to be devoted, nice, gorgeous, smart and most importantly supportive of him and his family.

11) CJ, 22

He wants his ideal woman to be athletic always. He likes a girl who doesn’t mind having a beer every so often. He wants someone who he can be adventurous with. Most, importantly it is all about having fun and loving one another always.

12) Joseph, 24

He wants his dream girl to be smart. He wants someone who not only loves him, but her job also. He wants a girl who is laid back.


Overall Harlem Experience

I had a great experience doing the surveys in Harlem. I not only got to learn more about Harlem itself, but myself as well. I had never been to Harlem. When I first went to Harlem with a group of friends it felt different. I felt unsafe. Harlem is so different than any other places I visited.

I found that kids in Harlem were more than willing ready to take the surveys. We can’t tell if they were honest or not, but we tried. In Harlem so many kids smoke marijuana. It is their way of life. They are brought up this way. This is why it is necessary for us as a whole to do something. We should try to make a difference. We will be helping thousands of people if we stand up.

Our goal should be is to convince and teach adolescents to stop smoking marijuana and other harmful substances. It not only harms your health, but impairs your thinking. We should teach kids to make healthy choices.


What is visual thinking? (Visual Thinking)

What is visual thinking?

Visual thinking is the way we think and work with ideas. Visual thinking is a great and an effective way to think. It is basically a process. Visual thinking allows us to view and understand the world through different perspectives. It’s a way to expand our range and capacity of knowledge. If we visual think we allow our brain to think more creatively. Visual thinking helps us to provide clarity. What I mean by clarity is that visual thinking allows us to think more clearly. We get to open ourselves to new ideas and aspects. We could understand something more in depth.  This is what visual thinking is all about.

Visual thinking is basically to put little pieces or little ideas together. You should look into how little pieces could form a big piece. For example, when you solve a problem so have to take into consideration all of the little information. Then you start to brainstorm. By brainstorming you are trying to put your ideas together. Learn to break your ideas and thoughts up.

Why is Visual Thinking important?

It is a new way of learning. It is because of our ability to visual think we can visualize pictures. For example, if someone tells you a flower, an image instantly spring into your mind. We use images to help us with mental thinking. We mentally start to construct images as we are talking to someone or even studying. Visual thinking helps us to clarify our thoughts. It makes communication easier and more efficient. We learn and observe so much in a day.

How visual thinking works?

Visual thinking works by putting different components and ideas together. So, this way we can absorb information better. With the help of visual thinking, our thought and ideas could be broken down into shapes. Also, you can map it out to make current ideas explicit. If you portray yours ideas by drawing or making diagrams, you will better understand and retain knowledge much more effectively.

Dolly’s Take a Stance Presentation


Dolly’s presentation proved itself to be one of my favorites. Her presentation was about how speaking a foreign language can both hurt and help you. She says that whenever she speaks her native language Arabic, she is asked to speak in English. Why is that so? I agree with her in that it is not always necessary to speak in English. She is an international student and learning a new language can prove to be hard, but she is trying.

She states many great points. One of which is that since you move to another country, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should forget your culture and values. I agree with her 100%, in that one should never undermine the traditions he or she grew up with.

Why do people choose to discriminate when they see someone speaking in their native language?

Instead of discriminating, we should expand our knowledge of other cultures. We have to learn how to accept other people the way they are. Why should someone change if he or she moves to another country? You could still fit in by being yourself.

It is important to respect others. NYIT is a great college and majority of the students are international students. What makes NYIT a great college are the students. NYIT is very diverse and this allow students to learn and accept other cultures and languages.


Animal Cruelty: Deanna’s Take a Stance

image1This is Deanna’s puppy on the left and his name is Ice. Ice is her best friend and she loves him so much, that she even made him an Instagram account. She made him an Instagram account because she wants to raise awareness for Pitbulls and other animals. Cute right? She states that animal cruelty is happening all around the world and many people aren’t aware of it. Many people have negative perceptions and are intimidated when it comes to having a Pitbull as a dog. People believe that Pitbulls are meant for dog fights, but I believe that this isn’t right. All dogs should be treated with care and respect. Just because they aren’t human, it doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to be treated well.

Many people who choose to abuse animals believe that just because they can’t talk back, they have the right to abuse them. Animals have rescued the lives of many people in the past. Now, it is up to us to do something for the dogs and animals that we love.

Be an animal lover, and donate to your local animal shelter. Be a good citizen. If you feel bad for children who are abused, you should feel bad for animals as well. Nobody deserves to be hurt. It is our job to give dogs the same affection and love they give to us. I will love dogs and animals till death. Will you?

My Take A Stand: Why should we stop using Facebook?

I choose Facebook as my topic since it is a popular social networking site that billions of people use worldwide. I personally have a Facebook account, but there have been times when I started to question whether or not I should stop using Facebook. I joined Facebook in 2009, roughly six years ago. On average, I’d spend one hour on Facebook every day. However, now Facebook has started to become a big annoyance for me. I feel this way because privacy is a big concern for me. Now a day, even your parents and grandparents have a Facebook. It can become awkward since your personal life is out in the open, for anyone to access. The only way to make sure certain people can’t access your profile is to block them or you will have to change your name so it doesn’t appear as your real one. So, I would say that it’s better to quit Facebook. To be honest, I think I only care about 30 out of my 500 friends I have added. When I first joined Facebook, I wondered how someone could have so many friends. Then I began to realize that it’s all about competition and how many friends someone had added.

Like any controversial phenomenon, Facebook has it advantages and disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Facebook

Facebook is a distraction so stop using it !!!

Facebook is a distraction, so stop using it!!!

To begin with, Facebook consumes too much time and affects a human’s physical and mental health negatively. Furthermore, Facebook consumes time, which can be spent on education. Also, the privacy concern is huge when it come to using Facebook. People could go on to your account and see your pictures, some of which may not be appropriate. What really annoys me is that people pretend to be someone they aren’t. Another big concern for me is having constant friend requests. I’m always getting friend requests from strangers who I don’t even know. This really irritates me and makes me uncomfortable. These all of the reasons why I am personally against Facebook.

Advantages of Facebook

True, but not so true. Don't forget about Facebook's disadvantages !!

True, but not so true. Don’t forget about Facebook’s disadvantages!!

The number one advantage of using Facebook is that it allows you connect to different people from anywhere in the world. Some might also say that Facebook is a great way for finding old friends and keeping friendships alive. Also, if you’re in business this site will help you to advertise. For example, fan pages can prove to be helpful for a successful marketing campaign. Also, Facebook allows you to share your achievements so that you can get some appreciation.

Psychology and Sociology Disciplines

One of the disciplines that Facebook best connects to is Psychology. Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions. Facebook can influence our self-esteem because it gives us the opportunity to control the way we present ourselves. It can influence the way other people perceive us as well.

Sociology is a discipline that best connects to Facebook by the term weak ties. Weak ties are people we know casually. For example, most of our friends we tend to know casually. Also, Facebook could be described as a social hierarchy. It is all about popularity. It is a matter of popularity because the more friends the Facebook user has, the more he or she stands out.


As you can see I’m against the use of Facebook because it is distracting, invasive of privacy, and it can cause serious damage to your mental and physical health. It is best to avoid using Facebook, even though there are many advantages of using it. However, some of the advantages may include that it is easier to stay in touch with family and friends.

Do you believe in magic? (Perception)

What is magic?


I think magic is an illusion. You may think it is real, but in truth it’s not. Magic is a form of entertainment.

The picture on the left provides great definitions about what magic is. I agree with each of these points.

Everyone has different opinions when it comes to magic. Some people believe in magic, others don’t. I believe in magic and that magic is everything around us. It can be found in almost every aspect of our lives. Magic is our imagination. 

For example, Disneyland is one place where our dreams come true. When I first went to Disneyland it was like I just stepped into a whole new world. It is basically everything you ever wanted. My first impression was that everything was so magical. It felt as if it was a dream. Disneyland is one of the fewest places where your dreams can come true. Especially for little kids, Disneyland is everything they ever hoped for. Thank you, Walt, for making Disneyland a great place to visit.

There are so many different types of magic that can be performed. Stage magicians tend to be mystical. However, street magicians just want to fool you by showing you a trick instead of magic. One of the tricks they may show you are card tricks. In my opinion, the biggest difference between stage magicians and street magicians is that stage magicians have money and equipment. This is why stage magicians can make magic seem real. Both street and stage magic acts are difficult to perform.

One of the most popular types of magic is movie magic. Movie magic is shown on the big screen. Visual effects help to make movie magic look real. Our technology has improved so much that magic shown in movies makes us believe that it’s real.

Harry Potter Series


I have watched all of the Harry Potter movies and I adore them all. In the Harry Potter series, visual effects are used throughout all of the movies. In these movies, you can fly on a dragon, talk to a werewolf, and even talk to a talking hat. The director uses movie magic to bring his story into life.

Harry Potter is the most popular and important character throughout the series. Harry Potter is known for his magical abilities. It is because of his magical abilities he is able to defend and protect himself and his friends against his enemies.

Magic appeals to everyone. Some people believe in it without putting much thought into it. Movies like Harry Potter can make you believe that anything is possible. Every story and movie will eventually come to an end, but this doesn’t mean you should stop believing.

Now you see me


I saw the movie Now You See Me and I loved it. I am a big fan of magic so watching this movie was great.

From this movie, two important lessons to take into consideration is that magic shouldn’t be used to trick people for their money and the second is that it’s okay to believe in magic. The closer you look and find the meaning of this movie, you will only then understand what I’m trying to tell you.

I think selling tickets for a magic show is justified, but tricking people for their money isn’t. If people start tricking more and more people, people will stop believing in magic and we don’t want this to happen.

So, the question you guys are probably asking is that, “How do you trick people with magic?” You could trick people by making them believe that you have supernatural powers, which you actually don’t. Such people include astrologists and tarot card readers. These people make so much money, by telling lies and showing people what they want to see. If your interested and want to know more read the book, “How To Think About Weird Things,” by Theodore Schick and Lewis Vaughn.

What would our lives be like without magical thinking?

I think our lives would be boring without magical thinking. We will start to behave and act differently in a way. Magical thinking provides control in our lives. It provides us with a sense of happiness. Magical thinking helps to broaden our views and thinking. It helps to provide us a world apart from our own. Without magical thinking, we will start to act more rationally and we will stop being imaginative. Also, we will stop writing or thinking creatively. This will have a huge impact on kids since they tend to live in a fantasy world of dinosaurs, flying brooms, and even talking animals. We will be taking away their favorite past-time stories which usually involves magical characters. Even most of the shows that kids watch tends to be magical. For example, the show The Magic School Bus.

Do Hindus believe in magic?

Hindus believe in black magic.

What is black magic?

Black magic deals with supernatural practices that can cause something negative like death. The color black in Hinduism means dark so, therefore, black magic means dark magic. Black magic is the use of mantras that could bring misfortune to someone’s life. There are some mantras that have good effects and some mantras that have bad effects. Black magic is practiced all around the world, not only in India. Hindus believe in the aura, which means our surroundings. Hindus believe that the aura can be affected by negative forces. Black magic could affect someone both physically and mentally. Not only does black magic harm you, but also it could also help cure diseases.

Ways to deal with Black Magic?

Hinduism has many traditional practices that can protect us from the evils of black magic. Hindus believe that religion figures like Bhajans will help against black magic. The strongest weapon against black magic is having trust on God. God will make everything go away. If you are a  bad person and did something wrong, whatever is happening to you is meant to happen. This is what you call karma. Karma will always haunt you.