What do Anthropologists do?

What can you do with a degree in Anthropology?

Anthropology is so broad that you can do anything with a degree in anthropology. For example, you can qualify in a career in health care, education, social care, government, marketing, and much more.  If you would like to know more, check this website out. http://www.aaanet.org/resources/students/anthrodegree.cfm

Following of a few of the titles held by those who major in Anthropology

  1.  Teachers- Can teach kindergarten to 12th grade, or even at colleges
  2.  Coroner’s Investigator- Can work in crime labs
  3.  Linguists- They study language, they can even serve as translators
  4.  Medical Researcher- Work in hospitals, community organizations, or even for international agencies
  5.  Corporate Analyst- Work in local communities nationally or even internationally

Anthropology’s Career Advantages

Diversity is one of the biggest advantages in this career. An anthropologist can provide many approaches to this field. There is a huge range of choices that a student in this major can potentially pursue.


Why is Anthropology Needed?

What is Anthropology? 

Anthropology is the study of humankind. It is the study of our understanding of the world and the people.

Not everyone has the same opinion when it comes to answering this question? Well,  I think anthropology teaches us how to look outside of ourselves. It helps us to view the world in a broader way. You will start to believe in things which you wouldn’t have had before. I find anthropology to be very interesting because I think it is the only discipline in which you could compare cultures. This tells a lot about our perception of the world. We’re all different and we have different opinions. When we look at other people’s experiences, and perceptions our understanding of knowledge becomes greater since we are looking outside of ourselves.


This diagram puts together the definition of anthropology very well. As shown in the diagram music, economics, environment, art, politics, history, religion, and clothing all connects to culture. All of these 8 categories influences our behavior as will as how we act.

I will be discussing my favorite category of anthropology. Read more about it below.

Anthropology of Music

Anthropology is built on communication. Music deals with communication. Music is a way of expressing one’s emotions and feelings. This is why music is a part of anthropology.

When you watched this video what were your first thoughts. What I really liked about this video is the quote, “Music is a greater uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common,” by Sarah Dessen. Music is not only a part of our culture, but our history. There is always a song that you can compare to your current mood. Music is not only good for our mood, but also music can help you during your tough time. According to studies, people tend to listen to sad music when they are feeling down.

For example, music like Hip-Hop, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Rock, Reggae, and the country music is part of our culture. Music is part of human nature. So of course, music connects to anthropology.


I love to listen to music. Music is not only my favorite pastime, but it a way of relaxation. Agree? I tend to listen to certain type of music depending on my mood. When life fails you, music uplifts you. It feels great to listen to music that describes you. There is so much that music does to a person. Music is very powerful. Also, music is a freedom of expression. Music nourishes the soul. Personally, I wouldn’t want a life without music. If music didn’t exist, the way we act and behave would be completely different. The world would be a quiet place.

Music is a way of expression. It is through music that we can express our intense feelings. Many people live up to music for their way of recovering from a bad time.

Music is a universal language. Anyone could understand music. There are so many other types of music apart from American music. For example, there is Indian music, Spanish music, and many more. Blind people look up to music. So what they can’t see, they could listen to music.

DEBATE: Pro or Con Death Penalty


The death penalty has been a topic of debate for a long time. Therefore, we had a class debate regarding this issue. We were divided into two groups Pro and Con death penalty. I was assigned to be a  supporter of the death penalty. What are your first thoughts when you hear saying death penalty? As per my opinion,  I think of death penalty as a way of getting justice to the families and friends that have lost their loved ones. I don’t find it cruel, but it is the right thing to do. If you committed a crime, you should be punished for your actions. I believe in the saying “eye for an eye.” Murderers who took the lives of others should be punished. Whatever they did to others should happen to them. Why should we sympathize with murders? Below are the reasons that my group and I argued why the death penalty should be legal.

1) Death Penalty is less expensive than life imprisonment 

Why should our tax money go to people who don’t deserve to live? Now on jails have all of the luxuries of living at home. Many people find that going to jail is better than being homeless. Right? For example for a trial you will need to hire attorneys and experts. I’m pretty sure they get paid? Where does the money come from? The money comes out of our tax dollars. This is unfair!

2) Families deserve closure 

Families deserve vengeance. The families who have lost their loved one want justice. Does the killer deserve to be alive after what he/she has done? Absolute not!! The victim’s family will only feel peace  if the murderer is punished.

3) The Death Penality helps to lower crime rates

What happens to criminals after they served their sentence? What if they hurt or even kill someone else? Crime will increase and the crime rates. This will make our country unsafe. It will be unsafe to be outside. I feel that criminals will always remain criminals and that they aren’t going to change.  Criminals will also be a threat to our society.


Arguments Against the Death Penalty 

1) Deserve a second chance

Many people believe that even criminals should receive a second chance. As long as they don’t do it again, they are forgiven.

2) Human Rights Violation

The right to live is the right given to us all.  I disagree because the right to live should be given to those who deserve to live. A criminal doesn’t deserve to live, but instead the criminal should be punished.

3) Racial, Ethics, and Social bias

48% of people in the death row are AA. So, people say this is racist. How? Everyone are given the same trial despite your color or race. According to statistics, minorities and poor tend to be the main victim of this punishment.


After reading both sides of the argument, what are your opinions regarding this issue. Feel free to comment !!

What is statistics and its importance? (Statistics)

“Statistics are sets of mathematical equations that are used to analyze what is happening in the world around us.”

We live in the informational age where everything is learned by using statistics. Statistics helps us to predict trends by looking at past data. This way we can also predict the future. Statistics are important in our daily lives. For example, is you have to go to work in the morning, you will see how many miles you have to drive including the traffic. If you already drove to work that way, you will know how long it will take you with or without traffic to get the work.

With the use of computers, it is easier to collect and use data. It makes our life simpler. What will we do without technology? Our everyday life is surrounded by the products of statistics if you believe it or not. For example, toothpaste is studied by scientists. They use statistical data to help to ensure if its a good quality and the benefits of using that toothpaste. What makes a good research is if the research has backup evidence. The evidence can be shown through statistics.  As you can see statistics has great importance in our lives.

Statistics could also help a person think more clearly. There are many statistical procedures that can help you think more clearly. Also, learning statistics will provide you with a broader perception. This will be helpful when it comes to making decisions. Statistics will help you to analyze information more easily. Statistics makes our lives more interesting. What will we do without statistics? 

Some of the few ways that statistics helps us in our lives is through weather forecast, emergency preparedness, medical studies, political campaigns, consumer goods and the stock market.

1) Weather Forecast 

Do you watch the weather forecast anytime during the day? Well, I sure do. Have you ever thought about where the information comes from? Because of our great technology, computer models help us predict the weather. Computer models basically built using statistics from the past regarding weather conditions. Statistics helps us improve our predictions. Also, it is very important for observational analysis. Without the use of statistics, we will be basing the weather forecast off of random guesses.

2) Emergency Preparedness

Without statistical information, how will we able to predict for a future tornado, blizzard, hurricane, or even a tsunami. We would have to know when danger might occur so we are prepared. The Emergency team rely on statistics. We would have to know beforehand if danger is coming so we can either move families to a safer location. For example, if you live near the water, it would not be safe for you during these times.

3) Predicting Diseases

If you noticed many times on the news you will find statistical information about a disease. When the news reporter only report how many people have or died from a certain disease, we don’t know exactly know the statistical data. If the reporter shows the percentage of people being affected by this disease worldwide even your country you will want to know more.


As you can see from this data more people die due to lung cancer. To be exact there were 160,000 deaths in 2014. According to other studies, it is shown that 85-95 % of lung cancers is due to smoking. Lung cancer is the most common cancer worldwide since so many people smoke. In the United States, 90% of lung cancer is caused because of cigarette smoking. If you want to avoid cancer, take my advice and stop smoking.

4) Political Campaigns 

Whenever there is an election on the news they constantly have data to show if they ahead. Models help us to predict who our President would be even our elected government officials. Right? Also, statistics makes it easier to determine voter’s preference.

5) Consumer Goods

For example, Wal-mart is a worldwide leading retailer. For stores such as this one, it is necessary to use statistics. Walmart uses statistics to help them to figure out what store will be the supplies go to and when. Since, Walmart is popular worldwide it is necessary to keep track of the inventory.

6) Stock Market

Have you ever heard about the stock market? The stock market is a stock exchange. “Stock analysts use statistical computer models to forecast what is happening in the economy.” So, this way you know which company is doing better and worse. Statistics will help you to invest your money in the right company where you will earn profit and  not a loss.

What is it like to be a Woman? (Philosophy)

What is Philosophy’s Problem with Woman? Why is that if a woman wants to play football when she is older she is denied? Why can’t football be a hobby for woman as well? 

In people’s perspective football is a sport for men, and not for women. For example, when I was little I used to love playing football. I just would love to tackle people and run around. It was my hobby and I’m proud to say that it still is. When I turned 14, people started to ask me questions why do you like playing football. They would be like, “Isn’t football a sport for guys.” Others would tell me to start playing another sport like softball for example. What I didn’t understand then or even now is that why are woman portrayed as inferior to men. Basically, your passion for the game is not taken into consideration, but instead the idea that this game appropriate for women to play. It is important to make this game for all of the football-lover and not all for the men.

What is Feminism?

Feminism is basically the belief to that say that all women are equal to men.

Do you agree?

Feminist Philosophy is a controversial issue in today’s society. This is because some women want to treated equally to men and some feel that men and women differences should respected. Feminist’s fight for the equality of women that they should to given the same opportunities  as men.


  • The origins of the feminist movement are found in the abolitionist movement which took place during the 1830’s
  • Did you know that Seneca Falls located in New York was the birthplace of American feminism?
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott were two very important women who lead the first Women’s Rights Convention.
  • During this Convention issues such as civil, social and religious conditions of women was spoken about so changed could be made.
  • This convention was the lead to the Declaration of Sentiments which was modeled after the Declaration of Independence which explained how all women and men are equally created.
  • Finally, in 1920 women gained the right to vote. This marked a huge event in our history.

Females bodies and Self- image 

In our society today there tends to be a obsession with female bodies. Women tend to be more pressured than men to look good. For example, women most likely take longer to get ready for work or even college in the mornings. This is because we are brought up with the concept of females trying to impress men. Why is that men tend to less conscious about how they look or even dress? Why do women have all of the pressure? The media is a big reason for women being portrayed as sex icons for the males.


“Women’s Pressure to be Perfect,” is a great article by Admin that explains how women are pressured to be accepted to society.

Referral link- http://strawberrybliss.net/2013/11/womens-pressure-to-be-perfect/

This article explains how it is not only our culture, but also our society has created this image of women. In our society, women should have a certain dress size, jean size or even shoe size to portray beauty. Even makeup is used by almost every women. What impressed me is that women spend $13 million a year as a whole on beauty products. Why do women always try to look like the way society wants them to look like and not what they natural are? The article mentions how the girls’ waist is more attractive to men if its smaller. In ads for example both men and women were less. Why? It is because to draw attention and to impress. I found this article to be a interesting read. From reading this article I got to know more about importance of women’s looks in society.

Examples of a Persuasive Speech

What is a Persuasive Speech?

I think a persuasive speech is a form of writing or even speaking that allows you to share your opinions to the audience. Basically, the purpose of a persuasive speech is to convince the reader or the audience to believe in something.

A great example of a persuasive speech is the video below which talks about drinking and driving. Go ahead and watch it!

This video was about a man name John Cortes who provided concrete examples on why we should stop drinking and driving. What made his speech so effective was that he provided examples for the both sides of the argument. He also backed up his points which statistical information which made his speech more convincing to the audience. He also allowed as to visual an accident by providing us with a scenario. He goes on to explain how texting and driving was not a problem 20 years ago but is a problem now. So many people die due to drinking and driving and some never recover from an accident.

“The Most Beautiful Way To Stop A Bully I Ever Seen,” by Joe Martino was not only an emotional video, but also very persuasive. Watch the video below!

In this video, Joe talks about bullying and how it impacts someone’s life. He goes to tell us when he was bullied when he was young. When he was young he was involved in name calling and how it hurt him. The way Joe started his speech why bullying should be stopped was very appealing since he started off saying what happened to him when he was young. His story allowed us to think and ask ourselves questions. If we were in his shoes, how would we have felt? Furthermore, he also gives great examples like the internet and how the internet is a great place where people can go on talking crap about you. This not only hurts, but brings your self-esteem down.

ARTICLE – ” The Importance of Statistics in Management Decision Making” by John T. Willia

This article basically shows how statistics is important in business and how it provides them with a greater confidence. It allows them to make smarter decisions. Statistical analysis helps to provide the company with accurate information that they can rely on for reference. They use the data from the statistical analysis so they can avoid a problem in the future. Sampling is an important part of business statistics. The accuracy of statistical data is very important. The best to maximize your company’s profit is to use statistical data.  Sampling could be a problem sometimes because it requires a large sample group. Overall, statistics is all about strategy!

1) Backing Judgements

Basically, statistics helps to provide evidence for your findings. This way you can make the right decision for your company with a level of certainty. Having confidence in business is very important. You will always need evidence to back up your point or else how will people know what you are saying is accurate.

2) Making Connections 

Did you know that statistics can help you make connections? By connection I mean provide a link between two variables. Making connections can help lead to customer satisfaction. What I mean by this is that you will know what product or service pleases the customer more and this will help you make connections.

3) Ensuring Quality 

Through the help of statistics, we will know how much to buy so that we don’t waste money. This way we could control production.

 Referral Link – http://smallbusiness.chron.com/importance-statistics-management-decision-making-4589.html