What is visual thinking? (Visual Thinking)

What is visual thinking?

Visual thinking is the way we think and work with ideas. Visual thinking is a great and an effective way to think. It is basically a process. Visual thinking allows us to view and understand the world through different perspectives. It’s a way to expand our range and capacity of knowledge. If we visual think we allow our brain to think more creatively. Visual thinking helps us to provide clarity. What I mean by clarity is that visual thinking allows us to think more clearly. We get to open ourselves to new ideas and aspects. We could understand something more in depth.  This is what visual thinking is all about.

Visual thinking is basically to put little pieces or little ideas together. You should look into how little pieces could form a big piece. For example, when you solve a problem so have to take into consideration all of the little information. Then you start to brainstorm. By brainstorming you are trying to put your ideas together. Learn to break your ideas and thoughts up.

Why is Visual Thinking important?

It is a new way of learning. It is because of our ability to visual think we can visualize pictures. For example, if someone tells you a flower, an image instantly spring into your mind. We use images to help us with mental thinking. We mentally start to construct images as we are talking to someone or even studying. Visual thinking helps us to clarify our thoughts. It makes communication easier and more efficient. We learn and observe so much in a day.

How visual thinking works?

Visual thinking works by putting different components and ideas together. So, this way we can absorb information better. With the help of visual thinking, our thought and ideas could be broken down into shapes. Also, you can map it out to make current ideas explicit. If you portray yours ideas by drawing or making diagrams, you will better understand and retain knowledge much more effectively.


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