Overall Harlem Experience

I had a great experience doing the surveys in Harlem. I not only got to learn more about Harlem itself, but myself as well. I had never been to Harlem. When I first went to Harlem with a group of friends it felt different. I felt unsafe. Harlem is so different than any other places I visited.

I found that kids in Harlem were more than willing ready to take the surveys. We can’t tell if they were honest or not, but we tried. In Harlem so many kids smoke marijuana. It is their way of life. They are brought up this way. This is why it is necessary for us as a whole to do something. We should try to make a difference. We will be helping thousands of people if we stand up.

Our goal should be is to convince and teach adolescents to stop smoking marijuana and other harmful substances. It not only harms your health, but impairs your thinking. We should teach kids to make healthy choices.



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