Dolly’s Take a Stance Presentation


Dolly’s presentation proved itself to be one of my favorites. Her presentation was about how speaking a foreign language can both hurt and help you. She says that whenever she speaks her native language Arabic, she is asked to speak in English. Why is that so? I agree with her in that it is not always necessary to speak in English. She is an international student and learning a new language can prove to be hard, but she is trying.

She states many great points. One of which is that since you move to another country, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should forget your culture and values. I agree with her 100%, in that one should never undermine the traditions he or she grew up with.

Why do people choose to discriminate when they see someone speaking in their native language?

Instead of discriminating, we should expand our knowledge of other cultures. We have to learn how to accept other people the way they are. Why should someone change if he or she moves to another country? You could still fit in by being yourself.

It is important to respect others. NYIT is a great college and majority of the students are international students. What makes NYIT a great college are the students. NYIT is very diverse and this allow students to learn and accept other cultures and languages.



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