Animal Cruelty: Deanna’s Take a Stance

image1This is Deanna’s puppy on the left and his name is Ice. Ice is her best friend and she loves him so much, that she even made him an Instagram account. She made him an Instagram account because she wants to raise awareness for Pitbulls and other animals. Cute right? She states that animal cruelty is happening all around the world and many people aren’t aware of it. Many people have negative perceptions and are intimidated when it comes to having a Pitbull as a dog. People believe that Pitbulls are meant for dog fights, but I believe that this isn’t right. All dogs should be treated with care and respect. Just because they aren’t human, it doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to be treated well.

Many people who choose to abuse animals believe that just because they can’t talk back, they have the right to abuse them. Animals have rescued the lives of many people in the past. Now, it is up to us to do something for the dogs and animals that we love.

Be an animal lover, and donate to your local animal shelter. Be a good citizen. If you feel bad for children who are abused, you should feel bad for animals as well. Nobody deserves to be hurt. It is our job to give dogs the same affection and love they give to us. I will love dogs and animals till death. Will you?


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